Finding and choosing the right heating system for your home or business can be overwhelming. Don't worry because we're here to help you make an informed buying decision. Read this post!

What are Single-stage, Two-stage, and Variable-Speed Furnaces?

  • Single-Stage Unit

This model operates at full capacity and can heat up space faster. It delivers the same intensity level regardless of the outside temperature and your comfort requirements. If you live in one level house or a bungalow, this furnace may be for you. However, your heating bills might climb higher since it doesn't efficiently use energy. Plus, you may also find hot and cold spots in some areas of your home.

  • Two-Stage Furnace

Contrary to the single-stage, this furnace has a dual-speed motor and a two-stage gas valve. It runs at 25% capacity on average and adjusts automatically. That means if there's an influx of cold weather, it ramps itself up to the high setting.

What makes this unit a better option is—it has an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating as high as 99%. So if you want an efficient way to heat your indoor space, a two-stage furnace is a top choice for you.

  • Variable or Multi-Speed Furnace

This type of furnace can function more efficiently since it can monitor the airflow in your home. It has a computerized blower motor chip that can determine how much heat is needed in the space. The initial investment cost for this unit could be higher than other advanced heating systems. Ask your local contractor for any rebates or special offers that can help you offset some of the costs.

Choose the Best Fuel Type for Your Budget

Furnaces use natural gas or oil to operate. However, there are some areas where these energy sources are not accessible. For this reason, consult your local heating company to know which one is available in your area and more affordable for you.

Here are some important reminders about each fuel type:

  • Electric - it can provide a viable heating option when the winter is mild. However, it can significantly run up your meter. That is why some homeowners opt for a heat pump unit.
  • Natural Gas - it's the most common fuel source that provides a reliable heating solution. Plus, it can help reduce your energy costs while keeping you comfortably warm.
  • Oil heating - it can provide the high-efficiency heating you need but might cost you big when the oil price spikes up.

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