In the event of a surprising winter, how do you ensure your heater will operate properly and efficiently? Do these simple tasks to protect your comfort system against the harsh weather condition.

Change Your Filters

Having clean filters reduces stress on your unit which can lead to efficient operation and increased airflow. That also means big energy savings, greater comfort, and less chance of repairs. This is why changing your air filters at least once every three months can go a long way. Put this maintenance task to your calendar and set a reminder on your mobile phone so you won't forget it.

Don't Block The Exhaust

Another problem that winter brings is the blocked exhaust flue due to a large pile of debris. This, prevents your unit from working properly and emit carbon monoxide (CO) into your home. Poisonous gas is a serious health and safety hazards. Be sure that the exhaust is free from any obstruction. Consider installing a CO alarm as well.

Clear Your Outdoor Unit

Ice buildup on your outdoor unit can lead to costly repairs or sudden breakdown. Debris can impede proper airflow and cause the system to work harder. Be sure to put a cover on your condenser to protect it from unwanted elements and prevent other issues. Turn it off before you start cleaning, and don't use any sharp materials that can potentially damage the condenser. Use warm water to remove the ice.

Insulate The Pipes

It's pretty common for the pipes to freeze up and burst during the cold season. You can avoid this issue by adding extra insulation to any exposed pipes throughout your home. This will prevent them from freezing and retain the heat. Also, make sure that the water supply on the outside tap is turned off.

Have Your Heater Inspected

When your unit is not regularly cleaned and maintained, its efficiency could decline to 40% or more each year. A routine checkup and tune-up is essential to keep the unit working in the best shape. Although your comfort equipment is sturdy, that doesn't mean it won't experience problems especially without proper care.

Wrapping It Up

We often hear people say this "better be safe than sorry"-which is actually right. Be sure to do these tasks and have a worry-free winter.

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