When the weather outside starts to heat up, you know it's time to turn to your air conditioning system for comfort and relief. However, cooling your St. Louis, MO home could really run up your meter. But don't worry—Environmental Heating and Cooling is here to help!

Here are six (6) cooling tips that can help you save money and stay comfortable this summer.

Seal And Insulate

Inspect your home and check the attic, basement, window, and door for drafts. Air leaks and poor insulation are among the culprits for high utility cost. So, make sure to seal any cracks or holes you find and schedule a professional energy audit with your local contractor. With this, you will know where and how to reduce your expenses while getting optimal comfort.

Change Your Air Filters

You may have read this a million times, but changing your filters every three months will keep your energy bills low. It will also provide you better indoor air quality and comfort. Your air filter is the most prone component of your unit to pollutants, allergens, and other harmful particles. So, be sure to change it regularly to prevent any cooling problems and potential health risks.

Relax And Unplug

Did you know? Leaving the electronics plugged in even if you're not using them still draw all your summer energy. The best way to deal with these energy vampires is to use smart power strips and upgrade them to Energy Star-certified appliances.

Set It And Forget It

If you haven't upgraded your thermostat to a programmable or smart type, then you're missing out on its benefits. With this device, you can conveniently adjust and program your desired indoor temperature without manually setting it. So, you don't have to worry about running your A/C in unoccupied rooms which saves your time, money, and effort.

Keep Your Vents Clear

Make sure your vents are open, clean, and free from any obstructions such as furniture or other appliances. Keeping them clear will provide better airflow and reduce the strain on your air conditioning system.

Get an A/C Tune-Up

Now that the heat is on, you probably would rely on your air conditioner all day. To make sure your unit won't fail this summer, schedule an A/C tune-up today! HVAC techs will thoroughly clean your system, inspect its components, and perform necessary maintenance tasks to optimize your equipment.

With these energy-saving tips, you can achieve worry-free comfort all summer long. Call us at Environmental Heating and Cooling for professional and reliable air conditioning services.