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Top-Rated HVAC Products in Crestwood, MO


York® has earned its reputation of quality, efficiency and durability by providing heating and cooling solutions for the world's most prestigious buildings for over 135 years. This same design and innovation that has been proven in the most demanding environments is crafted into every unit we build. With a complete line of York® products to choose from, there is a system that is perfectly suited for you.



Feeling cold? Get a furnace! At Environmental Heating & Cooling, we provide superior quality of furnaces from York. Our units have combined power of both performance and efficiency by up to 99% AFUE rating-giving you whole-house comfort throughout the winter. We have a complete range of furnaces that are innovatively engineered to fit your exact heating needs in St. Louis City and County, Mo and the surrounding areas.

With high-quality furnaces from us, you'll get consistent comfort all day, higher energy savings, better health, and more.

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Environmental Heating & Cooling carries a complete line of air conditioning products designed for residential and commercial applications. We are the top provider of quality and dependable cooling solutions in St. Louis City and County, MO and the surrounding areas.

Our broad selection of energy-efficient cooling products includes central air conditioning units, split systems, and packaged A/Cs. We are a proud dealer of York comfort products-and that means we source our cooling solutions from the name you can trust. We simply commit ourselves to make your home or business as cool as possible.

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Here at Environmental Heating & Cooling, we offer high-quality York® heat pumps that provide efficient heating and cooling round-the-clock. So if you're looking for a dependable comfort system that is cost-effective, our York® heat pumps can be a great choice for you!

Here's why it is a good investment:

  • It's safe to use, so you don't have to worry about carbon monoxide leak.
  • It only uses a small amount of electricity to function, less carbon footprint usage.
  • It requires easy maintenance and has an average shelf life of 15 years.

Whether you are considering to upgrade your HVAC unit or it is your first time to buy a comfort system, give us a call today so we can help you!


We have a complete line of York duct-free mini-splits designed to help every homeowner and business owner to maximize energy savings, comfort and value. Our ductless systems feature advanced technologies, so they won't let you down on a cold winter night or a hot summer day. These units provide an unmatched level of comfort while staying remarkably quiet throughout their operation. You can now start looking forward to a warm winter and cool summer with our high-performance ductless mini-split systems.

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Whether you want to replace an existing air conditioner or may be thinking of a way to reduce your utility costs with a high energy-efficiency solution - we can help. We offer packaged units that could be the creative solution you're looking for.

By combining multiple components into a single unit, the only thing left inside is improved comfort and a lovely atmosphere. It will be a packaged HVAC system that contains all of its components in a single unit located outside of your home. With our vast knowledge and expertise - we provide a combination of heating and cooling systems that are reliable, energy-efficient, and healthy for everyone.



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